Estate Bridal Jewelry

Humes Jewelers is proud to present a collection of Previously loved Diamonds and wedding bands.

Engagement rings and wedding bands looking for a new home. Some rings are very old antique pieces and others are vintage from the 1930's through the1960's and 70's. Newer more modern rings are also available at substantial savings on buying new. All rings are either 10k -14k gold or Platinum.

We offer the same one year warranty on each of these rings sold. If you like the idea of a vintage ring, come see our ever changing collection at Humes Jewelers in Hopkinsville.

And beyond wedding rings, Humes Jewelers also has a collection of Antique and Estate Vintage Jewelry. Pendants, Bracelets, Brooches watches and much more. Take a trip back in time as you browse our cases.

Humes Jewelers