Emirates Airlines Shows Off Its ‘Diamond’ Onboard Lounge, But Is It Real?
Pantone’s Color Palette for Spring/Summer 2020 Conveys Sense of Ease
Bride-to-Be Shares How She Swallowed Her Engagement Ring During Vivid Dream
‘America,’ the 18-Karat Toilet Worth $6 Million, Is Stolen from British Palace
Music Friday: Rihanna and Boyfriend Are Yellow Diamonds in the 2011 Hit, ‘We Found Love’
2,100-Year-Old Fashionista’s Blinged-Out ‘iPhone Case’ Puts Yours to Shame
Flawless 10.64-Carat Purplish-Pink Diamond Is Top Lot at Sotheby’s HK Auction
Snickers to Honor NFL’s ‘Hungriest’ Players With Blinged-Out ‘S’ Pendant
Here’s a First Peek at Apple Designer Jony Ive’s All-Diamond Ring
Music Friday: ‘Two Princes’ (One With Pockets Full of Diamonds) Vie for Same Girl
Alrosa Mining Company Posts Video of What May Be a Diamond in a Diamond
Padparadscha Is the Rarest and Most Valuable Variety of September’s Birthstone
Artist Diemut Strebe Will Make a 16.78-Carat Yellow Diamond Disappear in NYC
Music Friday: Wedding Ring Compels Frankie Valli to Sing, ‘Bye, Bye, Baby’
7,777-Diamond ‘Lotus Temple Ring’ Snatches Guinness World Record From ‘Lotus Ring’
Take 2: Jordan Rodgers Re-Proposes to ‘Bachelorette’ JoJo Fletcher With 5-Carat Ring
Magnified Inclusions Become Galaxy-Like Structures in London’s VOID Installation
Google Celebrates 80th Anniv. of ‘The Wizard of Oz’ With Ruby Slipper Surprise
Music Friday: Sophia Somajo Wishes for a Bulletproof, Unbreakable ‘Diamond Heart’
Texas Mom Scores 3.72-Carat Yellow Diamond at Crater of Diamonds Park in Arkansas
Vending Machine at London’s Bankside Hotel Dispenses Engagement Rings
100-Carat Yellow Diamond Necklace to Headline Sotheby’s Hong Kong Sale
Alrosa’s 14.83-Carat Pink Diamond — ‘The Spirit of the Rose’ — Could Be a Record Setter
Music Friday: Matt Palmer Promises to Let You Shine in 2010’s ‘Diamond Love’
332-Carat Star Sapphire Called the ‘Tiesh Blue Empress’ Attracts Crowds in Sri Lanka
Wilensky Gallery Curates Spectacular Collection of Natural Emerald Specimens
Largest Pink Diamond Ever Mined in Russia Goes on Display in New York
Music Friday: Conway Twitty Reveals Wedding Ring Fantasy in ‘It’s Only Make Believe’
Scientists Create Gold Sheets One Million Times Thinner Than a Human Finger Nail
Couple Ties Knot at Same Beach Where Engagement Ring Was Lost a Year Ago
Spinel: August’s Newest Birthstone Has a Confusing, Colorful History
Quiz Segment of NPR’s ‘Ask Me Another’ Shines the Spotlight on Gold
Music Friday: Paul McCartney Looks to Spring for Diamond Ring in ‘Can’t Buy Me Love’
Here Are a Bunch of Fun Facts About the August Birthstone, Peridot
Record-Breaking Rainstorm Brings 2.12-Carat Diamond to the Surface at Arkansas Park
See the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Medals Created From Recycled Mobile Phones
Music Friday: Reba McEntire Has a ‘Ring on Her Finger, Time on Her Hands’
Everybody’s Buzzing About Scarlett Johansson’s Over-the-Top 11-Carat Stunner
Gold-Coated Visors Protected Apollo 11 Astronauts During First Moon Walk
Botswana’s Newly Named 1,758-Carat ‘Sewelô’ Diamond Is Indeed a ‘Rare Find’
‘Moon Rock’ Engagement Ring Comment Nearly Stings Astronaut Buzz Aldrin
Music Friday: Dwight Yoakam Uses Gems to Illustrate the Magnitude of His Heartache
Actress Sarah Hyland Shows Off Her New Oval-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring on Instagram
Retiree Is Reunited With Class Ring Lost in a Pond Nearly 60 Years Ago
Japanese Firm Preserves Memory of Deceased Pets by Turning Them Into Pearls
Rio Tinto Unveils Six ‘Hero’ Diamonds From Its 2019 Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender
Music Friday: Bailey Hefley Regains Her Sparkle in the New Release, ‘Dust on a Diamond’
54.21-Carat Fancy Vivid Yellow ‘Mouawad Dragon’ Highlights Four-Piece Suite
NASA to Explore ‘Psyche 16,’ a Precious-Metal Asteroid Worth $10,000 Quadrillion
World’s Biggest, Heaviest and Most Valuable Coin to Make U.S. Debut Next Week
Julian Edelman and His Three Super Bowl Rings Appear on ‘The Late Show’
Music Friday: Enormous Wedding Band Floats Above a Beach in Nelly’s ‘Just a Dream’
$5,000 Halo-Style Grand Prize Looks a Lot Like a White Castle Chicken Ring
Birthstone Feature: In 1961, Smithsonian Got This 60-Carat Ruby Bracelet From a Secret Donor
Music Friday: ‘What About That Brand New Ring?’ Asks a Jilted Man in ‘Don’t Pull Your Love’
Scientist Employs RFID Technology to Revive Cultured Pearl Farming in Hong Kong
Los Alamos Particle Accelerator Helps Unravel the Mystery of the Golden ‘Ram’s Horn’
Stay Cool This Summer With Frozen Treats That Resemble Colorful Gemstones
Panthers’ Greg Olsen Films In-Progress Marriage Proposal: ‘Best Thing I’ve Ever Witnessed’
Music Friday: Meghan Trainor Knows She’s a Gem in Empowerment Anthem, ‘I’m a Lady’
Survey Reveals Why Travelers Should Take Extra Precautions With Fine Jewelry
1,700-Year-Old ‘Allectus’ Gold Coin Crushes Auction Estimates, Sells for $695K
‘Whitney Alexandrite’ Is a Superb Example of June’s Color-Change Birthstone
Christie’s ‘Maharajas & Mughal Magnificence’ Auction Brings History to Life
Music Friday: Lee Ann Womack Needs to Know, ‘Does My Ring Burn Your Finger?’
Botswana’s 1,758-Carat Grey-Black Diamond Is the Star of Naming Competition
‘Inkalamu,’ a 5,655-Carat Emerald Crystal, Makes High-Profile Debut in Delhi
June’s Birthstone: This Smithsonian ‘Treasure’ Features 339 Natural Pearls
Patriots’ Super Bowl LIII Championship Ring Is the Largest Ever Created
Music Friday: The Trews Believe There Is No Finer Thing Than ‘The Pearl’
Antwerp Diamond Industry Celebrates 100th Anniversary of Tolkowsky’s ‘Brilliant Cut’
Men’s Apparel Company Finds Engagement Ring in Pocket of Returned Jeans
Flawless ‘Bubble Gum Pink’ Diamond Fetches $7.5 Million at Christie’s Hong Kong
‘We’re Closer Than Ever to Finding the Mother Lode’ at Lulo Mine: Lucapa Chairman
Gold-Loving Fungus Is the Latest in a Series of Low-Impact Exploration Tools
Music Friday: YouTube Sensation Vidya Vox Is All About Diamonds and Gold
Former Reporter Uses Sleuthing Skills to Solve the Mystery of the ‘Airbag Diamond’
Swiss Lab Employs Cutting-Edge Science to Affirm Age, Provenance of Historic Pearl
De Beers, Namibia to Partner on New $468 Million Diamond-Recovery Vessel
Music Friday: ‘If Pressure Makes Diamonds, Our Love Is a Diamond by Now’
Petra Sells 425-Carat ‘Legacy of the Cullinan Diamond Mine’ for $15 Million
Socialite’s Emerald Necklace, 36-Carat Diamond Share Spotlight at Sotheby’s Geneva
Hilary Duff Shows Off Her New Cushion-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring on Instagram
Golden Spike Symbolized Completion of Transcontinental Railroad 150 Years Ago
Music Friday: Insecure Charley Pride Asks His Wife, ‘Does My Ring Hurt Your Finger?’
Tokyo 2020 Organizers Collect Enough Recycled Metal to Create 5,000 Olympic Medals
Runner Gets Engaged Seconds After Completing the Pittsburgh Marathon
75.61-Carat Emerald Once Worn by Catherine the Great Is Up for Sale at Christie’s
Unlike Europeans, US Couples Seek Parents’ Blessing Prior to Marriage Proposal: Survey
Music Friday: ‘You’re a Diamond to Me,’ Sings Eric Bibb in the Inspirational ‘Shine On’
Gum Tree Leaves Can Signal Gold in the Soil Below, Reports South Australian Miner
Birthstone Feature: ‘Maximilian Emerald’ Boasts a Rich History That Spans 150+ Years
Jewelry Expected to Be the Fastest-Growing Mother’s Day Gift Category in 2019
Lucara Recovers 1,758-Carat Diamond at Karowe Mine; It’s the Second-Largest Ever
Music Friday: ‘Daddy’s Little Girl’ Is a Precious Gem, Sings Michael Bolton
Super Bowl LI Ring of Mystery Patriot Player Is Up for Grabs at Heritage Auctions
At Topaz Mountain in Utah, Amateur Prospectors Get to Keep What They Find
Meghan Markle Was Thisclose to Getting Princess Diana’s Sapphire Engagement Ring
Botswana’s 20.46-Carat ‘Okavango Blue’ Diamond Is Called a ‘Once-in-a-Lifetime Find’
Music Friday Flashback: Silver Locket ‘Bears the Name of the Man That Brandy Loved’

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